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AFL summit sends wrong message on illicit drug use

By Craig Fry @ The AFL’s approach to illicit drugs was championed as a world leader of drugs-in-sport policy when it was implemented in 2005. It was fair, humane and had been effective in reducing match day and out-of-season positive test numbers, through better player education and frequency of testing. In recent months however, […]

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Papers please, players!

I have this vision of Andrew Demetriou watching the coverage of the fighting in Gaza and thinking: “I wonder how you get hold of one of those drones …” While I doubt the AFL will ever be permitted to obtain a UAV capacity, I wouldn’t put it beyond their ambitions and the evidence supports this […]

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Razzle dazzle – thanks but no thanks

Paul Sergeant has just taken over as the head honcho at Etihad Stadium. And he wants to shake things up. As this article shows, Sergeant, wearing what appears to be one of Bill Cosby’s cast off crazy sweaters, wants there to be more razzle dazzle at games. He thinks this might help arrest a decline […]

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Judd: Deal or no deal?

Sympathy is not an emotion I often feel for Chris Judd. In fact, I really don’t like the bloke. He’s a sniper, he’s a hypocrite and he’s a bloody good footballer who has a habit of playing well against my mob. But I must say I do feel for Judd, astoundingly, in the wake of […]

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Do good clubs lose good people?

Good clubs don’t lose great people. Whatever you think of Grant Thomas, it’s hard to argue with this contention as Brendon Goddard, 2002 #1 draft pick and life member of the St Kilda Football Club, prepares to finish his playing days at Essendon. However, the reality is a lot less black and white than that. […]

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4 reasons the Hawks can win, and why none of those reasons matter

Well, it’s here. Grand Final Day. It’s been a spectacular 2012 and there’s no reason to expect that isn’t going to stop now, with two closely matched sides poised to fight out what will hopefully be a cracker at the MCG this afternoon. But what will be the difference for each side today? Since the […]

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The 2012 AFL Punter Awards

More eagerly awaited than a “WOWEE” from Brian Taylor… More wonderfully articulated than an elocution course conducted by Andrew Demetriou… Fairer than Adelaide’s fixture… It’s the 2012 edition of everyone’s favourite awards – The Punter Awards! The Aunty Jack Award for best ability to “Rip Your Bloody Arms Off” To Chris Judd, who knows more than three […]

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Congratulations Jobe! Now close this joke medal down

Jobe Watson is a worthy winner of the Brownlow medal. He plays hard but fair. He is courageous and he leads by example. And in the dog days of Essendon’s season, when his teammates looked liked they had given up the ghost, Jobe just kept on keeping on. So I congratulate Jobe Watson and salute […]

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Grand Final telecast: why no HD Mr Channel Seven?

Why is it that we can watch lawn bowls in high definition in this country but, unless you are willing to cough up for pay TV, you won’t be able to watch a live HD telecast of the Grand Final of the largest and most popular sport in the land? The simple reason is because […]

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All Un-Australian – The Worst 22 in the AFL 2012

The criteria for this list of the worst possible footy team of 2012 players were no first year players and a minimum of 10 games played for the year. We mostly stuck with that, but a few special exceptions were made. Thanks to the dozens and dozens of people who posted on the All […]

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