AFL Teams, Round 5 ANZAC Day 2013

afl teams round 5 anzac day 2013ESSENDON vs COLLINGWOOD
MCG, Thursday April 25th, 2.40PM

B: M.Hibberd 1, C. Hooker 26, M.Baguley 46
HB: B.Stanton 5,J.Carlisle 22, B.Goddard 9
C: D.Heppell 21, J.Watson 4, C.Dempsey 15
HF: J.Merrett 20, D.Hille 19, S.Gumbleton 3
F: K.Hardingham 34, S.Crameri 12, A.Davey 29
Foll: T.Bellchambers 2, B.Howlett 40, J.Winderlich 8
I/C: D.Zaharakis 11, D.Myers 23, H.Hocking 39, T.Colyer 32

Emerg: N.Lovett-Murray 42, J.Melksham 17, T.Pears 16

In: K.Hardingham, T.Colyer, S.Crameri
Out: M.Hurley (ankle), T.Pears (omitted), J.Melksham (omitted)

B: N.Brown 16, A.Toovey 34, B.Reid 20
HB: M.Clarke 9, H.Shaw 39, H.O’Brien 8
C: S.Sidebottom 22, D.Swan 36, D.Thomas 13
HF: J.Elliott 19, T.Cloke 32, Q.Lynch 21
F: B.Sinclair 28, T.Goldsack 6, S.Dwyer 41
Foll: B.Hudson 25, S.Pendlebury 10, J.Blair 11
I/C: A.Fasolo 1, J.Russell 2, B.Macaffer 3, P.Seedsman 40

Emerg: J.Witts 15, J.Thomas 24, B. Kennedy 27

In: T Goldsack
Out: J.Thomas (omitted)

Wellington, Thursday 25th April, 7.50pm

St Kilda
B: N.Wright 34, S.Fisher 25, S.Gilbert 19
HB: S.Dempster 24, D.Roberton 17, J.Geary 14
C: L.Hayes 7, C.Jones 4, S.Ross 6
HF: D.Armitage 20, R.Stanley 28, N.Dal Santo 26
F: A.Saad 21, N.Riewoldt 12, J.Saunders 35 ($102,700 DEF/MID)
Foll: B.McEvoy 5, J.Steven 3, L.Montagna 11
I/C: T.Dennis-Lane 8, T.Lee 9, J. Koschitzke 23, B.Murdoch 30 ($102,700 FWD)

Emerg: A.Siposs 2, T.Hickey 1, F.Ray 22

In: J.Koschitzke, S.Dempster, T.Lee, B.Murdoch, J.Saunders
Out: S.Milne (suspended), F.Ray (omitted), B.Maister (hand), T.Milera (omitted), T.Simpkin (omitted)

Sydney Swans
B: D.Rampe 43, H.Grundy 39, N.Smith 40
HB: M.Mattner 29, T.Richards 25, N.Malceski 9
C: K.Jack 15, R.O’Keefe 5, L.Jetta 32
HF: J.Bolton 24, S.Reid20, D.Hannebery 4
F: M.Pyke 38, A.Goodes 37, B.McGlynn 21
Foll: S.Mumford 41, J.Kennedy 12, J.McVeigh 3
I/C: T.Armstrong 19, C.Bird 14, A.Everitt 13, L.Parker 26

Emerg: M.Morton 10, T.Walsh 17, J. White 18

In: C.Bird, A.Everitt
Out: L. Roberts-Thomson (knee), Morton (omitted)

WADA: AOD-9604 a prohibited substance


BigFooty Discussion Thread:

In a statement issued last night, WADA (World Anti-Doping Authority) confirmed that as the drug AOD-9604 has not been approved for human use it is a prohibited substance.

Following a number of inquiries regarding the substance AOD-9604 available on the Internet ‘black market’ and possibly elsewhere, WADA has issued the following statement:

AOD-9604 is a substance still under pre-clinical and clinical development and has not been approved for therapeutic use by any government health authority in the world.

Therefore, under the 2013 Prohibited Substances and Methods List, the substance falls into the S.0 category which states:


Any pharmacological substance which is not addressed by any of the subsequent sections of the List and with no current approval by any governmental regulatory health authority for human therapeutic use (e.g drugs under pre-clinical or clinical development or discontinued, designer drugs, substances approved only for veterinary use) is prohibited at all times.”

For more advice and information regarding medication or supplements, athletes are advised to contact their national anti-doping organization or international federation.


Sydney vs Geelong – AFL Round 4, 2013


This, along with the Richmond v Collingwood blockbuster tomorrow afternoon, are absolutely high-quality games of the round.

Sydney and Geelong are yet to drop a match, and the winner could find themselves on top of the AFL ladder come the end of Round 4.

Sydney have done what they needed to do against Greater Western Sydney and Gold Coast in the opening two weeks, but flexed their premiership muscle against North Melbourne last weekend. Trailing at half time, the Swans booted 11 goals in the third quarter to set up the win at Blundstone Arena. Sydney welcome back premiership forward Mitch Morton for his first game since the decider against Hawthorn last season, while Dane Rampe returns to the side at the expense of Andrejs Everitt and unlucky midfielder Craig Bird.

Full preview and Discussion Thread =>

Surely Dees this week

pile of cash

The Weekly Punt continues to make profit betting on the lines and will continue on that path again this week. Although they say that the season is a marathon and not a sprint, when it comes to betting it is not about finishing ahead of any opponent, it is about being on the positive ledger all year. This week we get value on the line in two matches involving Essendon and GWS who are suffering injuries and suspensions.

It is almost impossible to predict which team will perform well in what is billed as the wooden spoon cup but you would think both teams will be keen to impress. If this was at Skoda you could easily be tipping GWS but it is at the MCG and with all the GWS injuries, Melbourne only need to bring their first half form from last week to win comfortably and therefore the bet of the round. Sportsbet is offering you -9.5 for the Dees on the line at $1.92.

Essendon are also on the end of some hefty key outs, so St Kilda this week is good value. Consider that last year the Saints thrashed the Bombers by a whopping 71 points and it should be closer than the +15.5 offered by Sportstbet for the Saints at $1.92.


Current Betting Fund:  $859.50

Total staked so far: $513.50


Melbourne v GWS – Handicap (-9.5) – $150 @ $1.92 Sportsbet


St Kilda v Essendon – Handicap (+15.5) – $100 @ $1.92 Sportsbet




(Bet is on team in Bold)

Odds correct at time of posting


AFL Round 4 Teams

afl teams round 4


Friday April 19, 7:50pm, SCG

B: L.Roberts-Thomson, H.Grundy, N.Smith
HB: M.Mattner, T.Richards, N.Malceski
C: R.O’Keefe, K.Jack, L.Jetta
HF: J.Bolton, S.Reid, D.Hannebery
F: M.Pyke, A.Goodes, B.McGlynn
Foll: S.Mumford, J.Kennedy, J.McVeigh
I/C: T.Armstrong, M.Morton, L.Parker, D.Rampe

Emerg: C.Bird, A.Everitt, J.White

In: M.Morton , D.Rampe

Out: C.Bird (omitted) , A.Everitt (omitted)

B: T.Hunt 19, T.Lonergan 13, C.Enright 44,
HB: J.Corey 11, H.Taylor 7, A.Mackie 4,
C: M.Duncan 22, J.Bartel 3, B.Smedts 2,
HF: P.Chapman 35, J.Podsiadly 31, S.Motlop 32,
F: T.West 12, T.Hawkins 26, S.Johnson 20
Foll: M.Blicavs 46, J.Selwood 14, M.Stokes 27,
I/C J.Rivers 25, J.Caddy 23, G.Horlin-Smith 33, A.Christensen 28,

Emerg: J.Murdoch 21, M.Brown 1, J.Thurlow 40

In: J.Rivers , G.Horlin-Smith

Out: T.Varcoe (Shoulder) , J.Murdoch (Omitted)


Saturday April 20, 1:45pm, Aurora Stadium

B: J.Gibson 6, R.Schoenmakers 25, L.Hodge 15
HB: S.Burgoyne 9, B.Stratton 24 G.Birchall 14
C: L.Shiels 26, Mitchell 5 B.Hill 10
HF: P.Puopolo 28, L.Franklin 23, I.Smith 16
F: J.Gunston 19 , J.Roughead 2, L.Breust 22
Foll: D.Hale 20, C.Rioli 33, J.Lewis 3
I/CT.Duryea 41, M.Bailey 39, M.Osborne 7, B.Guerra 18

Emerg: S.Savage 21, B.Lake 17, A.Litherland 31

In: M.Osborne

Out: J.Anderson (hamstring)

B: L.Spurr 34, Z.Dawson3, M.Johnson37
HB: N.Suban 8, L.McPharlin 18, P.Duffield 41
C: T.Mzungu 13, R.Crowley 15, C.Pearce 46
HF: M.De Boer 9, K.Bradley 26, N.Fyfe 7
F: H.Ballantyne 1, C.Mayne23, M.Walters10
Foll: J.Griffin12 D.Mundy16, S.Hill 32
I/C: M.Barlow 21, D.Pearce 6, C.Sutcliffe 33, L.Neale 27

Emerg: J.Hannath 38, H.Crozier 17, Tanner Smith 22

In: L.Neale

Out: M.Pavlich (Achilles)


Saturday April 20, 2:10pm, MCG

B: S.Morris 38, A.Rance 18, T.Chaplin 25
HB: D.Grimes 2, R.Petterd 13, B.Houli 14
C: C.Newman 1, T.Cotchin 9, R.Conca 30
HF: B.Deledio 3, S.Edwards 10, D.Jackson 23
F: L.McGuane 16, J.Riewoldt 8, T.Vickery 29
Foll: I.Maric 20, D.Martin 4, S.Tuck 21
I/C: B.Ellis 5, J.King 28, S.Grigg 6, C.Knights 15

Emg: J.Batchelor 11, R.Nahas 26, N.Vlastuin 31

No changes

B: N.Brown 16, A.Toovey 34, B.Reid 20
HB: M.Clarke 9, H.Shaw 39, H.O’Brien 8
C: S.Sidebottom 22, D.Swan 36, D.Thomas 13
HF: J.Elliott 19, T.Cloke 32, Q.Lynch 21
F: B.Sinclair 28, T.Goldsack 6, S.Dwyer 41
Foll: B.Hudson 25, S.Pendlebury 10, J.Blair 11
I/C: A.Fasolo 1, J.Russell 2, J.Thomas 24, P.Seedsman 40

Emg: B.Macaffer 3, B.Kennedy 27, J.Frost 45

In: J.Thomas, P.Seedsman

Out: B.Johnson (calf), J.Frost


Saturday April 20, 4:40pm, Etihad Stadium

St Kilda
B: N.Wright, T.Simpkin,D.Roberton
HB: J.Geary, R.Stanley, S.Gilbert
C: N.Dal Santo, L.Hayes, S.Fisher
HF: L.Montagna, N.Riewoldt, T.Milera
F: S.Milne, B.Maister, A.Saad
Foll: B.McEvoy, D.Armitage, J.Steven
I/C A.Siposs, C.Jones, T.Lee, F.Ray

Emerg: T.Hickey, S.Ross, T.Dennis-Lane

In: T.Simpkin , A.Siposs

Out: J.Blake (omitted) , J.Newnes (jaw)

B: C.Dempsey, J.Carlisle, M.Baguley,
HB: C.Hooker, T.Pears, B.Stanton,
C: J.Winderlich, J.Watson, D.Zaharakis,
HF: B.Howlett, D.Hille, S.Crameri,
F: A.Davey, M.Hurley, B.Goddard,
Foll: T.Bellchambers, D.Heppell, H.Hocking,
I/C: J.Melksham, J.Merrett, M.Hibberd, D.Myers,

Emerg: T.Colyer, N.Lovett-Murray, S.Gumbleton

In: D.Hille , J.Winderlich , T.Pears , M.Baguley , J.Merrett

Out: P.Ryder (Suspension) , T.Colyer (Omitted) , N.Kommer (Suspension) , E.Kavanagh (Omitted) , D.Fletcher (Groin)


Saturday April 20, 5:40pm, Patersons Stadium

West Coast
B: W.Schofield 31, D.Glass 23, J.Brennan 14
HB: S.Hurn 25, E.Mackenzie 16, S.Butler 26
C: D.Kerr 4, M.Priddis 11, C.Masten 7
HF: J.Cripps 15, J.Kennedy 17, M.LeCras 2
F: A.Hams 43, J.Darling, 27, J.Hill 33
Foll: D.Cox 20, S.Selwood 10, L.Shuey 13
I/C: A.Gaff 3, A.Selwood 37, B.Dalziell 18, C.Sinclair 22
Emg: M.Brown 1, M.Hutchings 34, As.Smith 28
In: E.Mackenzie , B.Dalziell

Out: M.Brown, A.Embley (foot)

B: C.Yarran 13, M.Jamison 40, L.Henderson 23
HB: Z.Tuohy 42, D.Armfield 27, B.Gibbs 4
C: K.Simpson 6, A.Carrazzo 44, M.Robinson 12
HF: C.Judd 5, A.Walker 1, J.Garlett 38
F: E.Curnow 35, S.Hampson 22, S.Rowe 17
Foll: R.Warnock 11, M.Murphy 3, B.McLean 14
I/C: A.Joseph 45, K.Lucas 9, H.Scotland 29, S.White 43
Emerg: D.Buckley 7, D.Ellard 46, N.Duigan 34

In: R.Warnock , E.Curnow , S.White ?Out: M.Kreuzer (broken thumb) , M.Davies (hamstring) , D.Buckley


Saturday April 20, 7:40pm, Metricon Stadium

Gold Coast
B: J.Wilkinson 38, M.Warnock 14, J.Hutchins 34
HB: T.Murphy 29, R.Thompson 16, G.Broughton 36
C: M.Rischitelli 35, G.Ablett 9, J.Harbrow 5
HF: D.Prestia 10, S.May 17, A.Hall 33
F: J.Brennan 3, S.Day 12, B.Matera 32
Foll: C.Dixon 23, K.Hunt 7, D.Swallow 24
I/C: Z.Smith 2, J.O’Meara 1, H.Bennell 11, M.Shaw 26,
Emerg: L.Russell 8, T.McKenzie 18, D.Stanley 25
In: T.Murphy, D.Prestia

Out: L.Russell (omitted), J.Allen (omitted)

Port Adelaide
B: T.Jonas, 42 A.Carlile 27, C.O’Shea 13
HB: J.Pittard 29, J.Trengove 12, L.Stevenson 15
C: K.Cornes 18, Bra.Ebert 7, T.Boak 1
HF: M.Broadbent 5, J.Westhoff 39, A.Monfries 6
F: R.Gray 9, J.Schulz 28, C.Wingard 20
Foll: M.Lobbe 23, O.Wines 16, H.Hartlett 8
I/C D.Cassisi 25, C.Heath 3, J.Neade 32, B.Renouf 4
Emerg: T.Logan 44, S.Colquhoun 30, A.Moore 26
In: D.Cassisi , R.Gray

Out: K.Mitchell (Omitted) , P.Stewart (Knee)


Sunday April 21, 1:10pm, MCG

B: J.Watts 4, J.Frawley 8, D.Terlich 46
HB: N.Jetta 39, T.McDonald 25, C.Garland 20
C: J.Trengove 9, J.Grimes 31, J.Viney 7
HF: A.Davey 36, M.Clark 11, J.Howe 38
F: L.Tapscott 35, M.Gawn 37, S.Byrnes 10
Foll: M.Jamar 40, C.Sylvia 12, N.Jones 2

I/C (from): J.Toumpas 5, C.Pedersen 21, J.Sellar 30, M.Evans 32, J.Spencer 42, R.Bail 44, M.Jones 45

In: J.Spencer , J.Watts , M.Gawn

Out: –

GWS Giants
B: A.Kennedy 40, T.Mohr 39, P.Davis 1
HB: T.Bugg 14, S.Gilham 38, N.Haynes 19
C: T.Scully 9, C.Ward 8, R.Palmer 7
HF: J.Townsend 31, J.Cameron 18, S.Reid 23
F: L.Sumner 28, S.O’hAilpin 37, S.Frost 48
Foll: J.Giles 26, A.Treloar 17, D.Shiel 5

I/C (from): S.Coniglio 3, T.Golds 15, T.Greene 4, A.Miles 25, L.Plowman 30, A.Tomlinson 20, L.Whitfield 6

In: S.O’hAilpin, R.Palmer, A.Miles, T.Golds, A.Tomlinson, J.Townsend, S.Frost, N.Haynes

Out: D.Brogan (suspension) , C.Hampton, W.Hoskin-Elliott, D.Smith (suspension) , J.Patton (knee)


Sunday April 21, 2:50pm, AAMI Stadium

B: L.Brown 16, B.Rutten 25, A.Otten 22
HB: D.Mackay 14, D.Talia 12, B.Reilly 3
C: R.Sloane 9, S.Thompson 5, S.Kerridge 29
HF: M.Wright 11, J.Jenkins 4, R.Douglas 26
F: J.Petrenko 23, T.Walker 13, R.Henderson 45
Foll: S.Jacobs 24, P.Dangerfield 32, B.Crouch 2

I/C (from): M.Jaensch 10, G.Johncock 18, T.Lynch 27, J.Lyons 31, S.McKernan 35, J.Porplyzia 40, R.Laird 46

In: T.Lynch, S.McKernan, S.Kerridge, R.Laird, J.Lyons

Out: N.van Berlo (knee), B.Vince

New: R.Laird

Western Bulldogs
B: T.Young 31, J.Roughead 23, L.Picken 42
HB: J.Johannisen 39, D.Morris 38, B.Goodes 44
C: J.Macrae 11, M.Boyd 5, K.Stevens 25
HF: R.Griffen 16, L.Jones 19, D.Giansiracusa 13
F: J.Tutt 15, A.Cordy 49, L.Dahlhaus 6
Foll: W.Minson 27, N.Lower 33, A.Cooney 17

I/C (from): M.Wallis 3, D.Cross 4, J.Stringer 9, C.Smith 14, T.Liberatore 21, C.Howard 30, L.Markovic 37

In: M.Boyd , L.Markovic , A.Cordy , J.Tutt , C.Howard , J.Stringer , J.Johannisen , J.Macrae

Out: R.Murphy (calf), S.Higgins (foot), E.Wood (hamstring), T.Campbell, T.Dickson (ankle)


Sunday April 21, 4:40pm, Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne
B: S. McMahon 42, S. Thompson 16, M. Firitto 11,
HB: A. Mullett 41, N. Grima 17, J. MacMillan 34,
C: D. Wells 8, S. Atley 18, R. Bastinac 3,
HF: B. Cunnington 10, D. Petrie 20, T. Hine 26,
F: L. Thomas 12, T. Goldstein 22, L. Adams 13,
Foll: M. Daw 38, A. Swallow 9, J. Ziebell 7,

I/C: S. Gibson 43, L. Hansen 6, S. Wright 19, L. Anthony 4, L. Greenwood 24, W. Sierakowski 28, B. McKenzie 2,

In: L. Anthony, L. Greenwood , W. Sierakowski, M. Daw, B. McKenzie

Out: R. Tarrant (Leg), K. Harper (Omitted)

B: J.Adcock, D.Merrett, A.McGrath
HB: S.Docherty ,J.Patfull, A.Raines
C: S.Mayes, T.Rockliff, P.Hanley
HF: D.Zorko, J.Brown, J.Green
F: J.Redden, S.Martin, N.McKeever
Foll: M.Leuenberger, D.Rich, B.Moloney

I/C from: R.Harwood, R.Bewick, M.Paparone, P.Karnezis, J.Polkinghorne, M.Golby, J.Crisp

In: R.Harwood , P.Karnezis , J.Crisp , M.Paparone , S.Docherty
Out: J.Polec (foot) , E.Yeo (omitted)

Responsibility in the Modern Age

dane swan assault

You’ve read it all this week following Friday’s astonishing comeback by Essendon in Perth against the AFL’s own version of a Boa Constrictor, the Fremantle Dockers. It was a tough week for those at Windy Hill, and they were able to deal with the adversity and produce a remarkable performance.

You know what? I’m sick of reading stuff like that in that context. And not just because of my bordering-on-pathological distaste for anything associated with the Essendon Footy Club.

A number of the players have talked about what they went through last week, and you could be confused into thinking you were talking to a victim, or someone who suffered some misfortune for which they had no control over. And this is simply not true – the adversity the Essendon Football Club finds itself in it entirely the creation of the Essendon Football Club.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of their problems, they hired a unaccredited sports scientist without a background check and then followed his instruction, even when they were contrary to the instructions of the club doctor, a man with decades of practical experience and a degree in his field.

By that is beside my point. My point is more and more, sporting people talk about going through adversity without even acknowledging they were the sole authors of their adversity.

Take Dane Swan, who this week plays his 200th game for Collingwood. As is usual for a big milestone, he got a profile piece in The Age today on his journey through the sometimes “horrible world” of being an AFL footballer.

Swan was nearly delisted in 2005. Here’s how he describes the time:

“‘I got into a little bit of trouble off the field, and that’s a negative in one way, but I think that was probably the thing that really kick-started my career.”

Well, I’m glad it only took getting three-quarters cut with some mates and beating the living suitcase out of a cleaner at Federation Square to turn his football around.

Sporting stars live in a different world now, where a psychology has been developed in order to assist players to deal with difficult times and keep performing no matter what happens. They can compartmentalise aspects of their lives, except when connecting them can lead to even greater levels of performance. Unfortunately, it leads to selfish statements like Swan’s one above. Something that was not just a negative, but a criminal action, can be seen as the start of something much more positive than the player deserved, which may very well just have been a short stint in prison.

It also takes away from real moments of adversity, such as the difficulties some players have gone through with family members suffering illnesses.

So, I don’t want to hear how hard it was for Swan, because it was probably harder for the other bloke, who doesn’t have a lucrative career to fall back on.

I don’t want to hear how hard it was for Tiger Woods, a man worth many tens of millions of dollars, when his marriage broke up solely because of his behaviour.

And I don’t want to hear how hard a week it was for Essendon, because it would not have been so hard if only they had behaved differently.

Hahn Super Dry

(Press Release)

Hi Sports Fans, We’ve partnered with Hahn Super Dry this month – They’re out with a great new beer pioneering round campaign called Hahn Super Dry – Pioneering Beer Rounds.

Hahn are out with two super informative videos on pub etiquette

  1. How to spot a beer round dodger
  2. How to get to the bar quickly and get served first

Here are tips on spotting the beer round dodger:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”HahnPioneeringBeering”]

Their ideas around Pioneering Beer Rounds offer great ways to get to the bar quickly and they have a video out reviewing the different types of beer round dodgers. There are three types:

  1. The Columbus – the guy who buys the first round then no more rounds.
  2. The Round Shark – the guy who moves from group to group to get free rounds
  3. The Round Dodger – the guy who refuses outright to buy rounds.

Funny stuff. Tips on identifying the beer round dodger and loads of techniques there for beating your mates to the bar… plus a few techniques you’d never ever try.