BigFooty Update

While is being updated from this evening you can use the comments on this post to communicate with other users or BigFooty mods.

You can also post to Facebook:

Or Twitter:

Or email us at

Plus there’s a thread on BF itself where you can ask questions before the switch is thrown:

Wish us luck 🙂


PS: Check out for a preview.

There is also a brief and informative user guide here:

PPs: I’ll post updates in the post comments here, on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. It appears to have been the worst possible time to pull the plug! The Collingwood racist fan, Eugene Arocca resigned… and David Gallop stands down as NRL boss. There are thousands of people out there wanting to troll away and they can’t do a thing about it!

    And Charlie Sutton passed away, which many people would want to comment on as well. The servers will be truly tested once BigFooty is back online.

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